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This wiki is meant for gameplay parts that are well-received, fun, and left a positive impact. If you want to visit its sister wiki, click here.

Rules and Guidelines

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  22. Keep the Bad Logic out. (EX:"Talking Negative about a Dead Person who is not a real-life criminal is automatically disrespectful" (Since it is hypocritical and would show favoritism), "It's not ok get to angry about certain things because those said certain things are small/the smallest/minor/little/so little/tiny" (Since that shows favoritism, bias, and that anybody would know nothing about what those words mean), "Villains are supposed to be unlikable" (Since villains being hatable would actually mean we would not enjoy them and we would want to change from what they are meant to be (Villainous) to what they are not supposed to be (Heroic)), "Mistakes/being wrong/Flaws are (Insert Positive adjective)" (Since it not only shows Hypocrisy + Stupidity but also favoritism towards uniqueness + Happiness), "Being Perfect is (insert negative adjective)" (Same as the previous part), "Fictional Heroes are characters that we are supposed to root for/sympathize with/relate to" (Since that quote means we are treating them like they are real life beings, and that would mean favoritism), "Fictional Heroes are characters that are supposed to be relatable/sympathetic" (Same reasons as the previous), and "Fictional Villains are characters that we are supposed to root against/unsympathize with" (Same reasons as the previous two)). Instead, say the right logic (EX:"Fictional Heroes are mostly supposed to be like those people you would sympathize with the most/Fictional Protagonists are characters that are mostly supposed to be like those people you sympathize with", "Weaknesses, Limit, and Cons are what characters need", and "Mistakes are understandable first time but not ok to make.").

Forbidden Pages


  1. Ambulas (Waterframe) - Large Pool of Health, Random Patterning of its attacks, and its attacks being strong enough to kill barely upgraded weapons.
  2. Angler Fish (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening) -
  3. Antlion (Sonic 2 Game Gear) -
  4. Anubis Rex (Pac-Man World) - Requiring 100% Pro timing to dodge attacks combined with The fireball attacks being an annoyance as they land the rev-roll platforms, The laser attack having a very wide hitbox, and Having all of its attacks happening at the same time in the final phase.
  5. Apocalypse (Marvel Super Heroes VS. Street Fighter/X-Men VS. Street Fighter) - Disappointing and Easy to fight.
  6. Atoq Navarro (Uncharted:Drake's Fortune) - Forgettable Villain combined with annoying quick-time events, lame defeat, and frustrating sections with the minions.
  7. Aurora Unit 313 (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) - Lame Design, and Stupid Idea.
  8. Baby Bowser (Yoshi's Story) - Too Easy Difficulty, Poor Second Phase, and too short length.
  9. Baby Bowser/Bowser (Yoshi's New Island) - Rip-Offs of the Original Final Bosses of Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island combined with Copy and Pasted ending cutscene, Future Bowser warping through space and time without any background knowledge, and Mega Baby Bowser's only attacks consist of shooting fire balls and a continuous stream across the floor + shifting platforms (the latter being extremely easy to dodge)
  10. Babylon Guardian (Sonic Riders) - Comes Out of Nowhere, and is too generic.
  11. Bed of Chaos (Dark Souls) - Frustrating Fight, Insta-Kill Attacks, annoying spammer, and bland design.
  12. Blinky in the Caldera (Pac-Man World 2) -
  13. Boobeam Trap (Mega Man 2) - Stupid Idea for a boss, poorly designed, and not fun.
  14. Boolossus (Luigi's Mansion) - The Boos being so little, tedious process, Short Time-Frame, the Boos being able to move everywhere (even the final boo refuses to stay still
  15. Boost Guardian (Metroid Prime 2:Echoes) - Super Annoying as the accuracy is at random, along with that its fight takes place in a small room, its puddle form being unusually deadly, lack of safe zones for the most part, and dealing cheap amount of damage.
  16. Bowser/Dry Bowser (New Super Mario Bros. 2) - Rip-Offs of New Super Mario Bros. Wii's Final Boss combined with the Claw swipes not being able to hurt Mario or Luigi during the Second Part, Bowser only having two attacks, the Bowser Statues being a bit annoying, embarrassingly easy-to-avoid attacks, and the fire breath attacks being only used for three moments.
  17. Bowser (Third phase) (Super Mario Galaxy 2) - Rushed Premise, Bowser having only one attack, the battle being able to end embarrassingly short, disappointingly easy fight, Bowser's idiotic 'final words', and Extremely wasted potential.
  18. Bowser + Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Sunshine) - Embarrassingly Easy-to-avoid Attacks, boring arena, Weak-Spots that are too obvious, the tub water being able to make Mario lose health upon contact, being very hard to hear the music, and a glitch that could make Mario fall through just-slammed platform.
  19. Brachyura (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia) - Trial-and-error difficulty with Dull Music, and Insane amount of HP.
  20. Broodals (Super Mario Odyssey) - Too Easy to Kinda Too Difficult.
  21. Burner Man (Mega Man and Bass) - Poorly-Made Fight, and a Frustrating Stage with annoying enemies, insta-death fire, and lethal gimmicks.
  22. Cackletta's Soul (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga) - Average. Also, Notorious for its unfair difficulty, as you start with no health, you have to waste turns healing the Mario Bros. (especially when you have four targets to take care of, three of which are able to respawn, and the fourth one is only attackable once the other three are defeated), and Cackletta has extremely annoying attack patterns.
  23. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Bosses - Too Easy.
  24. Chaos 6 (Big the Cat) (Sonic Adventure) - Acting like a Mini Game, too short length, stupid idea, and abrupt cutscene after the fight.
  25. Clair (Pokémon Gen II and Gen II Remakes) - Brutal Difficulty, with her team having oppressive A.I (especially her Kingdra), and on top of that, Clair being unlikable after being defeated forcing the player character to do the dragon master challenge in order to give the player character the rising badge.
  26. Corn (Castle Crashers) - Annoying Second Phase, and Dull Length.
  27. Cyrillle Le-Paradox (Sly 4:Thieves of Time) - Awful Final Battle mostly due to Pointless Quick-Time Events, and resulting in a cliffhanger ending.
  28. Dark Crafter (Kirby and the Rainbow Curse) - Lame Design,
  29. Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed 360/PS3 Version) - Wasted Potential, Feeling more a level than a Boss, tedious movement for the Light Gaia Golem, delay in the punching, poorly-made QTEs, dull Sonic Segments, Cheap Hits in the Second Phase, monotonous length of Defeating the Snake-Like tentacles due the Small-Hitboxes of the Snakes, the Snakes being able to hide in shield adding to more tedium, and an unskippable cut-scene of Dark Gaia roaring.
  30. Darkrai (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky) -
  31. Death (Castlevania) -
  32. Death Egg Robot (Third Phase) - (Sonic Forces) - Copy-and-Pasted Battle from the Nega Wisp armor fight, Easy-to-avoid attacks, the Claw attack coming way too fast, the Laser being able to make a boost miss, Classic Sonic + Avatar feeling pointless and anti-climatic ending.
  33. Death Egg Robot (Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1) - Copy and Paste of the Final Boss of Sonic 2, inconsistent health points, still being able to attack while stunned, unbearable Laser attack range, enormous + erratic Hit-box, randomized punch to the ground attack and the Death Egg Robot being able to be shrouded in electricity.
  34. Demyx/Data-Demyx (Kingdom Hearts II/Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) - Overall:Infuriating Time Limit and Annoying Water Clone Section.
  35. Devil Doom (Shadow the Hedgehog) - Awkward Controls,
  36. Devil May Cry 2 Bosses (Except for the Despair Embodied) - Boring and Uninspiring mostly due to having far too much health, and tend to not be dangerous combined with the fact that the player (as Dante or Lucia) only has to use guns to defeat.
  37. Diantha (Pokémon X and Y) - Easy Difficulty, bland design, crappy theme, and terrible choices for her pokémon team (Except for Hawlucha, and Gardevior/Mega Gardevoir).
  38. Disciple Lorithia (Xenoblade Chronicles) - Constantly shouting "You will pay for your insolence", the acid pools in her fight being difficult to get out of, dumb Ally A.I, Insane High HP, annoying status elements, and of top of that, Lorithia being an unlikable villain.
  39. Dr. Kahl's Robot (Cuphead) - Infuriating difficulty combined with Taking a lot of the Screen, making the attacks at pure random, and the homing missiles pestering you (as Cuphead).
  40. Dr. Neo Cortex (Crash Bandicoot 2:Cortex Strikes Back) - Lame race battling, Terrible Jet Controls, Dr. Cortex going through a portal being the only way to lose, and Dr. Cortex being lazy to use his blaster gun.
  41. Earth Dragon (Sonic and The Black Knight) -
  42. Egg Breaker (Shadow the Hedgehog) - Eggman Saying "Lights out" + "You know what they say the more the merrier" numerous times.
  43. Egg Dealer (Shadow the Hedgehog) -
  44. Egg Emperor (Sonic Heroes) - Cheap Attacks, Eggman saying "Take this" numerous times, and can become way too easy with a level 3 Flight character.
  45. Egg Libra (Sonic Rush) - Awful Design, pathetic way of attacking, and is really annoying.
  46. Egg Saucer (Sonic Advance 2) - Instant death from the hit of the hand (when rings are on), the hand becoming harder to dodge and faster when the laser gun is destroyed, and constant spinning motion.
  47. Egg Snake (Sonic Advance) - The Cockpit constantly moving, The Rings being impossible to retrieve, no rings, and having to jump to certain positions to flip the cockpit Eggman is in.
  48. Egg Utopia (Sonic Advance 2) -
  49. EGG-X (Sonic Advance) - Pathetic Design, odd music track, Eggman himself randomly using attacks, and hitting the cockpit being hard.
  50. Eggrobo (Sonic Lost World Wii-U) - Copy-and-Pasted fight the Nega Armor Wisp, having a limit amount + Embarrassingly easy-to-avoid attacks, and being able unattached its arms to attack.
  51. Elesa (Pokémon Black and White/Black and White 2) - Volt Switch and Quick Attack being annoying, the 2 Emolgas being irritating, and her Zebstrika being rage-inducing.
  52. Emerl and Cream vs Phi 13 and 14 (Sonic Battle) - Cream doesn't do anything during this fight, and not only do Phi 13 and 14 pack a punch, they will hardly ever let you attack.
  53. Erazor Djinn (Sonic and the Secret Rings) - Annoying attacks, inconsistent health, and hitting him being hard.
  54. Father Rodin/Rodin (Bayonetta/Bayonetta 2) -
  55. Fawful Express (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story/Bowser Jr's Journey)
  56. Fighting Game Bosses (with some exceptions) - Almost all of them:SNK Boss Syndrome.
  57. Flame Hyenard (Mega Man X7) - Infuriating fight (mostly because of constantly screaming "Burn to the Ground", and his attacks being annoying to avoid), and Terrible weapons.
  58. Frank (Madworld) -
  59. Frank Fontaine (Bioshock) - Easy Difficulty combined with being stupid, and a poorly-made death.
  60. Frost King (Castle Crashers) - Annoying move spammer that also constantly laughs + Teleports, frustrating attacks, and the location where the player characters fight him in being very slippery.
  61. Ganon (The Legend of Zelda CDI Games) - Pathetic Boss Fights that are lazy and have bad platforming.
  62. Gate (Mega Man X6) - Super Annoying fight with poorly-designed platforms, Gate himself being only able to be hit by a split energy ball, + sometimes flying around like an idiot.
  63. General Scales (Star Fox Adventures) - Rushed battle as it Ends Quickly by being stopped by a Shoe-horned Andross.
  64. Genie-Jafar (Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts Final Mix/Kingdom Hearts II/Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix/Kingdom HeartsRe:Coded) -
  65. Ghetsis (Pokémon Black and White) -
  66. Gigant Mohs (Tails of the Abyss) -
  67. Gluttony (Darksiders 3) - Badly-Designed Fight, Ugly Design, and to top it all of, the infamous cutscene where Gluttony is revealed to have eaten Rampage the Horse.
  68. Goomboss (Mario Kart DS) - Rubberband A.I, cheating, nightmare fight, and being Unfun.
  69. Grappling Guardian (Metroid Prime 2:Echoes) - Tedious and too Easy.
  70. Ground Scaravich (Mega Man X6) - Stupid Idea, Lame Design, Pathetically-Easy Fight, and an awful weapon Zero gets from Him.
  71. Gyorg (The Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask) - Annoying Fight, Stupid Name, obnoxious enemies, and awkward swimming controls.
  72. Heat Man (Mega Man 2) - Boss with a Pathetically easy fight, a Boring + Frustrating stage, and a very terrible weapon.
  73. Herex (Spiral Knight) - Not having an attack that deals poison damage, being weak against the Shadow Damage, The dual green spinning blade just being there for a decoration, and being a coward for the most part.
  74. High Max (Mega Man X6) - Painfully Annoying to fight due to high defense, high health, and long length.
  75. Hot Mobile (Sonic 3 & Knuckles) - Launching iron balls into the air being the only attack, the Iron balls being the way to damage, and taking a bit too long to beat due to taking fourteen hits to defeat.
  76. Hotel Mario Bosses - Annoying, and Tedious.
  77. Infinity Mijinion (Mega Man X6) - Annoying as as he multiplies himself constantly, making his boss battle very clustered.
  78. Inner Agent 3 (Splatoon 2) - Frustrating Fight, and a Lame Reward after beaten.
  79. Jasper Batt Jr. (No More Heroes 2:Desperate Struggle) - Unlikable villain for having a Grating Voice, bad-design, being lazy to do his part, and having a cheap, unfun + too easy Three Phase Boss fight.
  80. Joker (Batman:Arkham Asylum) - Lame Design, Obnoxious fight, and Annoying Thug Minions.
  81. Kaptain K. Rool Rematch (Donkey Kong Country 2) -
  82. Knuckles/Rouge (Sonic Adventure 2) - Rouge moving so quickly, Abysmal Gliding to the structures, Tracking down Rouge/Knuckles on the structures being infuriating, The player (as Knuckles or Rouge) not being able to use special moves.
  83. Labyrinth Zone Boss (Sonic the Hedgehog) - Being an annoying chase combined with no rings or air bubbles, and a vertical pathway filled with annoying traps.
  84. Leechgrave (Kingdom Hearts:358/2 Days) - Difficulty Spiked HP, hits like a truck, annoying + brutal attacks, and forcing the player character to rely on potions.
  85. Lord Arktivus Brevon (Freedom Planet) -
  86. Lord Fredrik (Donkey Kong Country:Tropical Freeze) - Disappointing and Dull final boss.
  87. Lucien Fairfax (Fable II) - Being able to only be beat in one shot to defeat him anti-climatic defeat, and top those off being an Unlikable Villain (for being stupid + arrogant, acting superior badly, and doing murder for horrid reasons + 1 horrid way).
  88. Martin (Madworld) - The Player (as Jack) having infinite missles making for poor difficulty combined with the Large amount of Health, and a Poorly-Made defeat Martin has.
  89. Mecha Tank Trio (The Legend of Korra) -
  90. Mega Goomba (New Super Mario Bros.) - Extremely Lazy idea for a boss that has a dull fight.
  91. Melissa Bergman (Metroid Other M) - Terrible Twist, Super annoying bug minions, Lame way of defeating her, and a God-Awful Cutscene after the fight.
  92. Metal Sonic (Sonic CD) -
  93. Metal Sonic (Sonic Mania) (Note:The first phase is excluded from this list) - Underwhelming Third Phase, and Tedious Second Phase.
  94. Monsoon (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) -
  95. Morpha (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - Lame Design, terrible Camera angles, frustrating lay-out, and too easy fight.
  96. New Destroyman (No More Heroes 2) -
  97. Ornstein & Smough (Dark Souls) -
  98. Phantamanta (Super Mario Sunshine) - Annoying battle, as the boss leaves large amounts of electric goop that can electrocute the player, and it divides into smaller units when damaged.
  99. Phantom (Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts Final Mix) - Worst Time Limit, Time + MP waster, being only attacked once each time, being unable to guard, and moving too fast.
  100. Phantom (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle) -
  101. Pokémon X and Y Gym Leaders, and Elite Four - Poor Difficulty (although Viola being easy is understandable since she is the first gym leader), not being able to use Mega Evolutions (Although Viola, and Grant not using them in their gym battles makes sense since they are Early game Gym Leader Bosses), and crappy movesets they give their Pokémon.
  102. Polygon Man (Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) - Poorly-Made Fight where he is lazy to fight by himself for most of the battle, only has two attacks, and Never Shuts up at times.
  103. Prince Vorkken (the Wonderful 101) -
  104. Pyribbit (Kirby:Triple Deluxe) - Tedious, + Time Wasting boss with a lame design.
  105. Quick Man (Mega Man 2) - Unfun Fight, terrible weakness, and Extremely Infuriating Stage.
  106. Red (Mega Man X7) - Extremely frustrating fight with poorly-designed platforms, and an atrocious camera.
  107. Ride Boarski (Mega Man X7) - Annoying Fight with him Constantly shouting "You Punk!" + "Holey Moley", framerate Issues, and an atrocious camera.
  108. Ripto (Spyro:Enter the Dragonfly) - Terrible Music, being able to glitch at times by having Ripto's A.I. completely banish out of his model which will prevent the fight from progressing, Ugly third Form Design, Ripto moving around the arena too fast, Copy and pasted phases, and the Ice shots being spammed and having ridiculous pro accuracy.
  109. Rodrigo (Assassin's Creed) -
  110. Sans the Skeleton (Undertale) - Frustrating Difficulty, annoying dodging, and unfair amount of damage he puts out.
  111. Shadow Mitsuo (Persona 4) - Lame Design, Able to to attack in two turns without any explained reason, overboarded high HP + defense, tending to insta-kill, annoying ways of removing stat increases, making removing the outer shell tedious, and to top those, Mitsuo being a god-awful villain character with an anti-climatic defeat.
  112. Shadow Okumura/Kunikazu Mammon Okumura (Persona 5/Persona 5:Royal) - Time consuming fight with annoying enemies, and an infuriating time limit.
  113. Shield Sheldon (Mega Man X6) - Lame Design, Terrible weapon, and too easy fight.
  114. Shrewd Possessor (Luigi's Mansion:Dark Moon) - Out of Nowhere Mechanic, Frustrating Snow Monster fight, and Annoying Timing to hit the Ice shield parts.
  115. Shrowser (Mario + Luigi:Partners in Time) - Pointless idea of a boss that is a waste of time and feels like a Mini-game.
  116. Sigma (Mega Man X6) - Too Easy.
  117. Sir Lancelot II (Sonic and the Black Knight) - Brutal A.I, spams chaos spear, loves to overuse chaos blast, and being like most of those Fighting game bosses.
  118. Snipe Anteator (Mega Man X7) - Being able to counter-attack as he is hit, constantly hiding under the arena making it difficult to shoot him, constantly summoning laser turrets to attack the player characters, and the word "Anteater" being poorly-spelled in his name.
  119. Solidus Snake (Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty) -
  120. Sonic Heroes Bosses (Except Metal Overlord and Metal Madness) - Either Too Easy and Frustrating (EX:Team Battles and Egg Emperor), or Lazy (EX:Robot Carnival/Robot Storm).
  121. Sonic 2006 Boss Roster (Except Egg Genesis (as Sonic) and Egg Wyvern) - Poorly-Designed Fights that either take long (EX:Iblis Phase 2), or are annoying, and frustrating (EX:Sonic, Shadow, and Silver).
  122. Soul of Sectonia (Kirby:Triple Deluxe) - Unneeded third phase, Insanely High HP, poorly-done death, and bland design (for the third phase).
  123. Spider Guardian (Metroid Prime 2:Echoes) - Annoying, confusing, frustrating, and tedious puzzle boss with a large distance from the save station, several nearly impossible to reach without minute precision traps, very strict time limit, cheap amount of damage the spider guardian itself does, and a misleading name.
  124. Spyro the Dragon (PS1) Bosses - Poorly-Made and Too Easy.
  125. Tails/Eggman Second Battles (Sonic Adventure 2) - Huge Difficulty spikes with no rings, the opponents being able to use specials despite no rings, a bomb being able to damage both of the characters, the arena being difficult to maneuver, refusing to stand still, acting like bulls, and tails not being able to gain more armor power ups before the battle while Dr. Eggman gets more armor making the battles more infuriating.
  126. The Devil (Cuphead) -
  127. The Didact (Halo 4) - Stupid Quick-time events.
  128. The Imprisoned (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) - Repetitive Phasing, Tedious Length, and Annoying Attacks.
  129. The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild Bosses - Disappointing, and most of them being named Ganon.
  130. The Shamans (Madworld) -
  131. Three Mage Sisters (Kirby Star Allies) - Infuriating Difficulty Spikes.
  132. Tidal Whale (Mega Man X5) -
  133. Time Eater (Sonic Generations Xbox 360/PS3/PC) - Tedious Length, annoying clock attack, just mashing buttons, and Sonic's allies almost never shutting up during the battle.
  134. Tonkachi Hammer (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) - Too easy difficulty combined with Pathetic Design, the darts being pathetically easy to dodge, striking the totem poles on each side of the arena being the only attack + too easy to dodge.
  135. Tornado Tonion (Mega Man X7) - Lame Design, Annoying Voice, Empty Fight, and useless weapons.
  136. Totem Kommo-O (Pokémon Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) - Frustrating Difficulty combined with Irritating allies, infuriating moveset, and being Overpowered .
  137. Totem Lurantis (Pokémon Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) - Frustrating Difficulty Spike that is a massive irritation and has annoying allies.
  138. Ultra Necrozma (Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) -
  139. Ursula/Giant Ursula (Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II/Kingdom Hearts Final Mix/Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) -
  140. Vanishing Gungaroo (Mega Man X7) - Annoying Second Phase, and Infuriating first phase.
  141. Vanitas Remnant (Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep Final Mix) - Frustrating
  142. Vladimir Makarov (Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Series) - Very despicable villain that is Not much of a boss (until the third game), and (Spoiler alert) has a poorly-made death scene.
  143. Volt Kraken (Mega Man X5) -
  144. Wallace (Pokémon Emerald) - Aggravating Difficulty (EX:His Milotic being being at a badly-timed level) combined with being an being example of the overusage of Water, and the Stupid Idea of Him Replacing Steven as champion.
  145. Wargoyle (Kingdom Hearts:Dream Drop Distance) - Has unfitting Music, Moves all over the place, hits like a truck, has an annoying habit of using its attacks in rapid succession making it very easy to get stun locked, gets ridiculous with it chaining its attacks once its hp gets lowered, and ruins the potential for the Boss choice of the Level is fought on in Sora's Story.
  146. Whitney (Pokémon Gen II and Gen II Remakes) - Improper difficulty with clefairy being annoying, and the Miltank being brutal to fight against, and On top of that, Whitney acting like a cry-baby after being defeated before actually giving you a badge.
  147. Wily Capsule (Mega Man 7) - Difficulty spike with a Worst Weakness, teleports constantly, and can do unfair damage.
  148. Wind Crowrang (Mega Man X7) - Annoying Fight.
  149. Yellow Devil (Mega Man Series) - Annoying Boss with an atrocious fight that is also time consuming who's said atrocious fight is brought back in later Mega Man games.
  150. Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XII) - Outrageous HP, many instant death attacks, and taking hours to beat.
  151. Young Master Xehanort/Mysterious Figure (Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep/Birth by Sleep Final Max + Dream Drop Distance) - Overall:Having so many Unfair attacks (EX:That Rope Attack). Dream Drop Distance:Teleporting Constantly, Leaving the player (as Riku) no time to dodge, or attack, and the clock section being annoying due to his clones bombarding you (as Riku).
  152. Zeena (Sonic Lost World 3DS) - Absolutely horrendous process of defeating her, annoying Snow Robots, irking Blizzard hazard, Irritating Ice Physics, Zeena going down in two hits, and to top those off, being part of the "Mean Popular Girl" Cliché.
  153. Zor (Sonic Lost World 3DS) - The time limit happening for the cannon, The fake owl robots being able to surround the player (as Sonic) in all directions, being able to give horrid pain to players when in a car, and top those, being a Cliché "Emo".
  154. Zygarde (Pokémon Sword and Shield) -


  1. 75m (Super Smash Bros.) - Annoying Hazards, Most of the Platforms being a go-through, the Final destination form looking completely empty (on top of that, popular assist trophies such as Nikki not being able to be summoned both due to the dark lighting in the stage), turning the match pure-dodging survival, too Big Size, and a glitch where R.O.B gets teleported to the right instantly if standing on the left side of the stage.
  2. Abyss (Star Wars Episode I:Racer) -
  3. Aegis Cave (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky) - The Stones being dropped a quarter of the time, having to repeat a three-floor section, and Not being able to save in between.
  4. Altitude Limit (Sonic Rush) - Lots of insta-death lasers placed at bottomless pits, tedious length, infuriating platforming, and annoying flying platform sections.
  5. Aquas (Star Fox 64/3D) - Dull and Hard to see along with the marine being so slow, having kinda terrible controls, and the torpedoes being hard to fire properly.
  6. Arthropod (Super Monkey Ball 2) - Annoying due to the platforms moving constantly and the giant Arthropod stomping it making the infuriating to get to the normal goal.
  7. Atlantica (Kingdom Hearts II/Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) - Pointless Quick-Time Events, awful Musical Numbers, and terrible final battle.
  8. Battle Royal (Pokémon Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) -
  9. BINGO Highway (Sonic Heroes) - Same problems with Casino Park but also that there is an annoying Glitch where the player characters could fall through the pinball tables and also has poorly-placed bottomless pits.
  10. Bob-Omb Factory (Mario Party 9) - Crippling Method of losing many mini stars combined with Luck-Based Boss Minigames, and the final stretch of spaces being filled with lots of Bowser Spaces.
  11. Bolingbroke Penitentiary (Grand Theft Auto V & Grand Theft Auto Online) - Frustrating Difficulty combined with annoying enemies, infuriating enemy A.I, there being only one exit, and too many gates.
  12. Boss Rush Ver. SN2 (Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2) -
  13. Casino Park (Sonic Heroes) - Poor Controls, Annoying pinball mechanic, and tedious length.
  14. Central Circuit (Mega Man X7) - Atrocious Camera, Awkward Controls of the Bike, and
  15. Central City (Shadow the Hedgehog) - Tedious Maze Level with a confusing design, pointless time limit and infuriating missions.
  16. Central Museum (Mega Man X6) - Annoying Enemies, Poor spike placement, Terrible Design, and an Obnoxious switch mechanic.
  17. Corona Mountain (Super Mario Sunshine) - Annoying obstacles in the first section, the lava being to one-hit-KO Mario, the boat being hard to steer, the blue coins being frustrating to get, and No Checkpoints
  18. Crazy Gadget (Sonic Adventure 2) - Excessively-used gravity gimmick, unforgiving placements of Enemies, poor controls when on the walls, and confusing layout.
  19. Cyber Field (Mega Man X7) - Wrong Camera Position, Dreadful Gravity Gimmick, Awful Controls, only being to hurt enemies from behind, and annoying enemies.
  20. Dam (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - Strict Time-Limit, Electric obstacles everywhere, wonky controls, and dull swimming.
  21. Dead Line (Sonic Rush) -
  22. Death Egg Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog 2) - Overboard Difficulty, No Rings, Super Sonic being absent for the fight, and tedious length.
  23. Destiny Tower (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Sky) -
  24. Dynasty (Mega Man X8) - Annoying Obstacles, awkward controls, and being an obnoxious race defeating Giga bolt man-o-war goes down before his actual fight.
  25. Egg Rocket Zone Act 1 and Cosmic Angel Zone Act 2 (Sonic Advance) - Overall:Obnoxious Enemy Placement, Annoying Hazards + Obstacles, and Unbearable Difficulty. Egg Rocket Zone:Dull Length, Confusing Sections, One of the Springs leading to a spike trap, and a Cheap Time Limit. Cosmic Angel Zone:The Special Stage here being in an infuriating Location.
  26. Eggmanland (Sonic Unleashed PS3/Xbox 360) - Unfun Werehog Section (EX:Infuriating Platforming, and Annoying Switches) combined with tedious length, and Awkward 2D Camera Sections.
  27. End of the World (Sonic 2006) - Frustrating difficulty with a Painfully Long Length, Poorly-placed wormholes, Cheap Deaths, Terrible Camera Work, tedious Enemies loading screens that last 20 Seconds being done seven times, not being able to play as Sonic or Blaze, and being forced to deal the problems of the other 7 playable characters.
  28. Eternal Engine (Sonic Adventure 2) - Dull Length, Excessive placements of the dynamite packs and outrageous amount of enemies.
  29. Exam-C (Super Monkey Ball) - Skinny First half hills, and an annoying final half due to wide platforms.
  30. Final Dreadnought (Freedom Planet) -
  31. Gate's Lab (Mega Man X6) - Terrible Design, Insta-Kill + annoying Hazards, out-of nowhere bottomless pits, obnoxious Enemies, and tedious puzzles.
  32. Great Bay Temple (The Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask) - Dull Length, Tedious Stray Fairy Quest, Annoying Puzzles, Awkward Swimming controls, and Complicated Maze-Like Structures.
  33. Hanenbow (Super Smash Bros.) - Useless, dull, and Being unable to swim in the water.
  34. Hang Castle (Sonic Heroes) -
  35. Helix (Super Monkey Ball 2) - Poor Design, and frustrating timing.
  36. Icicle Mountain (Super Smash Bros. Melee) - Obstacles leading to cheap deaths, Being a vertical Auto-scrolling (Especially like if it is the Tower of terror), and inconsistent speed.
  37. Inami Temple (Mega Man X6) - Infuriating Gimmicks, horrible design, annoying Enemies, and badly-placed reploids.
  38. Iron Fortress (Sonic Forces) - Annoying Rocket Missles, obnoxious electrified portions, irritating wheel gravity, and Forced Auto Scrolling combined with Classic Sonic's terrible physics.
  39. Just Can't Wait to be King (The Lion King (Video Game)) - Stupid Reasoned Rental Market, Infuriating Monkey Puzzles, and frustrating Ostrich sections.
  40. Labyrinth Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog) - Unfun Maze Water Level filled with Cheap enemy placement, painfully slow controls, traps being everywhere, and atrocious underwater movement.
  41. Laser Institute (Mega Man X6) - Annoying Mirror/Laser Puzzles, terrible design, and could either be too short or too long.
  42. Lava Factory (Mega Man X7) - Lame + Boring Design, Annoying First Section, and Worse 2nd Section.
  43. Lily Pad Ride (Super Mario Sunshine) - Abysmal Concept, Tedious method of accessing it, Insta-kill river, ridiculous placements of the coins, the Lily-pad being hard to use, and unfair difficulty.
  44. Long Torus (Super Monkey Ball) - Bad Design, infuriating paths, and Frustrating Timing.
  45. Lost Impact (Shadow the Hedgehog) - Maze-Like Design, Annoying Hero Mission (with the Artificial Chaos being obnoxious to kill), and the questionable entrance before the level.
  46. Mad Space (Sonic Adventure 2) - Obnoxious Difficulty, Bland + forgettable atmosphere, Unhelpful television hints, Terrible Camera, being very easy to get lost, and awkward controls when stuck on an asteroid.
  47. Magma Area (Mega Man X6) - Misleading Name, Terrible Design, Annoying Mini-Boss Rush, Insta-Kill Lava, frustrating Time-limit, and vertical auto-scrolling.
  48. Magma Mine (Mario Party 9) - Same First reason as Bob-Omb Factory. Also, a Dangerously annoying Magma hazard.
  49. Meat Circus (Psychonauts) - Frustrating Escort Mission, Infuriating Jump Puzzles, Insta-Kill damage from obstacles, Oly constantly saying "AAAAAHH!", "OWWW!", "MY FACE!" or "HEY, THAT HURTS!", Incredibly cheap enemy placements, and the Tunnel of love being unfun (Getting all of the figments throughout the part makes it even more frustrating).
  50. Meteor Herd (Sonic Adventure 2) - Annoying Meteors, Confusing Layout, and tedious condition of getting big rocks to respawn.
  51. Metropolis Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) - Annoying Enemies, Cheap Enemy Placement, and incredibly long length.
  52. Motorcycle levels (Crash Bandicoot:Warped) - Sloppy Controls, No Checkpoints, and infuriating turns.
  53. Motorcycle Stage (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) - Aggravating Difficulty combined with a Bad Cutscene (EX:Stealing the "never tell me the odds), messy controls, taking hours to beat, too many enemies + obstacles, requiring no skill to beat, a minefield being put at a wrong time, and being confusing of where to go to.
  54. Mystic Mansion (Sonic Heroes) -
  55. NYC Zoo (Madagascar Kartz) - Huge difficulty spike combined with the Crocodile obstacle being annoying, tables being all over the place, the invisible walls doing a poor effort at their job, and some missed potential.
  56. Oceanographic Museum (Mega Man X5) - Pokey Auto-Scrolling, Incredibly annoying Sub-Boss, + tedious length.
  57. Pachinko Machine (Super Mario Sunshine) - Buggy Physics, Terrible Camera, Luck-Based difficulty, half of the coins being in hard-to-reach spots, .
  58. PAC-Land (Super Smash Bros.) - Auto-Scrolling, Ugly-Design, and annoying obstacles.
  59. Planet Wisp (Sonic Generations) - Overall:Tedious Length, and using only one type of Wisp. Act 2:Way too much 2D Camera Sections, and Stiff + Awkward Mine carts.
  60. Poochy Ain't Stupid (Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island) - Frustrating Difficulty with Auto-Scrolling, and Erratic Behavior of Poochy.
  61. Purity Forest (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team) - Being able to only bring Pokémon (+ that Pokémon being reduced to level 1), and all of the money and toolbox contents being destroyed.
  62. Recycle Lab (Mega Man X6) - Annoying Hazards (EX:The Infamous Insta-Kill trash compactors), Terrible Design, poorly-placed reploids, obnoxious enemies, cheap deaths, and infuriating platforming.
  63. Rumble Falls (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) - Ridiculously fast auto-scrolling, a barely-visible spike that would be leading to cheap deaths + absurd knockback, there being speed up sections and changing the match into pure-platforming.
  64. Rusty Bucket Bay (Banjo-Kazooie) - Aggravating Engine Room, annoying obstacles (EX:The insta-kill blades in the engine room), the oil water being able to quickly deplete to Banjo's oxygen, frustrating placements of the jiggy puzzles, and terrible swimming controls.
  65. Sherbet Land (Mario Kart 64) - The Penguins being obnoxious obstacles, an annoying slippery slide ice hazard, and the turns being irritating to do.
  66. Sky Babylon as Sonic (Sonic Rush Adventure) -
  67. Sky Canyon (Sonic Advance 2) - Being a minefield Full of Bottomless Pits, and Being unbeatable without the R-button trick.
  68. Snow Cap Galxy (Super Mario Galaxy) -
  69. Special Stages (Sonic Advance Trilogy) - Overall:Ridiculous methods of accessing them, and Insanely Frustrating difficulty. Sonic Advance:Horrible depth perception. Sonic Advance 2:being required to Unlock Tiny Chao Garden, Sound Test, and Amy Rose (as a playable character), and Sonic Advance 3:Collect the rings being infuriating to do (due to the dark graphic screen + horrid perspective), and them Being worse version of Sonic Advance's due the Tornado-2 taking a portion of the screen.
  70. Special Stages (Sonic Heroes) - Tedious Method of access, slippery controls, a bug where the player characters can go backwards, and the chaos emeralds only being allowed to be gotten from them (for the second act of types of stages).
  71. Special Stages (Sonic Lost World 3DS Version) - Forced Gyroscope Controls, requiring the players to tilt their 3DSs in order to move Sonic, and requiring 100% pro movement to navigate them.
  72. Special Stages (Sonic the Hedgehog 4) - Being carbon Copies of the first two Sonic Games, awful controls (Sonic 4:Episode 1), random time limit (Sonic 4:Episode 1), and having the same problems as Sonic 2 (Sonic 4:Episode 2).
  73. Spaceport of Greed (Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal) - Tedious Puzzles, Annoying Enemies, and a Bad Story with Morgana temporarily leaving the Phantom Thieves without a good reason.
  74. Special 8 - Crown (Super Mario 3D Land)
  75. Stamina Master (Super Monkey Ball) - Steep Curves, Small Annoying Platforms, and tedious length.
  76. Stormy Ascent (Crash Bandicoot) - Same problems as Slippery Climb but also having Long Bits that
  77. Super-Electromagnetic Lab (Mega Man X5) - Lots of bottomless pits + breakable walls, the Ready Text appearing at a poor time, and annoying switch puzzles.
  78. Techno Base (Sonic Advance 2) -
  79. The Doom (Shadow the Hedgehog) - Tedious Maze Like design with a mediocre dark mission a tedious hero mission, forgettable music, the elevators being slow, and a glitch where one of the G.U.N Robots can disappear.
  80. The Forgotten Hall (Dragon's Dogma) - Unfair Difficulty, Annoying Enemies, infuriating Fights, and Cheap Enemy Placements.
  81. The Kelp Forest (Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom) - The cave section being stupid, the bouncing leaves section being frustrating, the vines being skinny, and Lighting that is too dark.
  82. The Library (Halo:Combat Evolved) - Repetitive Design, frustrating Enemies, and dull section with the corridor shooter.
  83. Tracks (Super Monkey Ball) - Skinny and Curved Paths combined with the short paths being thinner.
  84. Transmission (Need for Speed: Payback) - Rubberband A.I., The cops being able to ambush off road, and Some of the pursuing cops having killswitches which can disable the player character's car temporarily.
  85. Tree Tops (Spyro the Dragon) - Annoying Enemies, being easy obnoxious to fall off of, and confusing + "developers being lazy to give known guides" strategies for the Super-Charge maneuvers.
  86. Tubular (Super Mario World) - Enemies being everywhere, being entirely a bottomless pit, no checkpoints, and being forced to use the P-Balloon.
  87. Ultra Heaven 5 (Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz)
  88. Uranus (Warframe) -
  89. Wario's Gold Mine (Mario Kart Wii) - Annoying track design, too difficult for the Flower Cup, mine carts being able to send the player character flying off the track.
  90. Water Temple (The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time N64) - Tedious Length, annoying part of Constantly switching between Iron Boots + Regular Boots, Obnoxious Puzzles, and Complicated Maze-Like Structure.
  91. Weapon Center (Mega Man X6) - Infuriating Enemies, Poor Design, Annoying platforming, and Badly-placed reploids.
  92. Welcome to Planktopolis Minions (The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (Video game)) - Filler.
  93. Winter Mesa (Spyro 2: Season of Flame) -
  94. Zero Space Stage 1 (Mega Man X5) - Same problems as Quick Man's Stage.


  1. Bit Bike (Mario Kart Wii) - Is the slowest and second lightest vehicle in the game and drifts outward, making it clunky to control.
  2. Booster Seat (Mario Kart Wii) - Same problems as the Bit Bike (slowest and second lightest kart in the game), except it's a kart instead of an outside drifting bike.
  3. Phantom (Mario Kart Wii) - Has the worst drift stat in the game and drifts outward, making it nearly impossible to control. Also only has average speed.


  1. 9-Volt and 18-Volt Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Extremely unfair difficulty especially with the Sheriff assist trophy enemy being extremely oppressive, and the two other opponents having annoying A.I.
  2. Akuma Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Ryu having more HP than the Player Character, Overboard Increase in Attack for Ryu, and Ryu having Brutal A.I.
  3. Azura Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Impossible A.I for Corrin, having use a Final Smash twice in a row, and even Sudden Final Smash being spammed.
  4. Baby Bowser Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Brutal A.I for the Giant Bowser combined with the stage being covered entirely in Lava (despite Baby Bowser's Boss fights in Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island having no lava in them).
  5. Beetle Races (Donkey Kong 64) -
  6. Canary Mary Races (Banjo-Tooie) - Unforgivable Difficulty combined with tiring button mashing, and Being an Example of Rubberband A.I.
  7. Car Slot Derby (Mario Party 1 & 2) -
  8. Cheep-Cheep Chase (Mario Party 3) - Awkward Controls combined with a buggy hit detections from the bombs.
  9. Crane Game (Mario Party 1 & 2) - Overall:The Single Player being unfair to fight back against, and the team of three being at an unfair disadvantage.
  10. Defection (Warframe) -
  11. Donkey Kong and Lady Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Unfair Difficulty combined with the Giant Donkey Kong being overbearingly powerful.
  12. Dry Bowser Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - The platforms being covered in Lava (instead of just the floor), and the Bowser Puppet fighter being able to use curry for this spirit battle being at random + having brutal A.I. due to the defense increase being also at random times.
  13. Dreams and Nightmares (Spiral Knights) -
  14. Doppelganger (Far Cry 3) - Too many enemies, the rock never being able to defeat the enemies, and being unable to kill the enemies.
  15. Driving Mission No.34: Mercedes-Benz Showdown (Gran Turismo 4) - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren '03 having average handling, having to wait two minutes before restarting the mission, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe '54 having roughly 212HP + being able to reach 160 mph (250 km/h) in the straight road of the track, and bad combinations mostly due to the track choice.
  16. Ender Dragon Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Brutal A.I for Ridley, having for healing when at high damage and Enderman (alt skin for Steve) attacking even more.
  17. Event 23:Molten Norfair (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) -
  18. Event 28: Flower Blooms in the Echoes (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) -
  19. Event 32:Advent of the Evil King (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) - Ganondorf being so Slow and Link, Zelda + Pit having annoying A.I.
  20. Event 41:The Final Final Battle (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) - Lame Premise, the Giant Mario being overpowered and Brutal A.I of Snake and Sonic.
  21. Event 48:Pikachu and Pichu (Super Smash Bros. Melee) - The Pikachu A.I. being super annoying and being unable to be KO'd.
  22. Event 49:All-Star Match Deluxe (Super Smash Bros. Melee) -
  23. Event 51:The Showdown (Super Smash Bros. Melee) -
  24. Flip the Chimp (Mario Party 8) - Delayed Motion Controls, and Coconuts that fall too fast.
  25. Grab them Quickly! (Rayman Legends) - Frustrating, boring, unfair, and not enjoyable.
  26. Guardian Angel (Saints Row: The Third) - Improperly Unbalanced difficulty combined with it Lousy rip off to Heli-Assault, a time-consuming task with the Homies, being an activity that is required to beat to advance in story mode, shooting the gang cars with the RPG Weapon on a helicopter being extremely off.
  27. Guile Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - The Guile Assist Trophy Enemy being a massive annoyance, Captain Falcon having more HP, and Both of them causing irritation.
  28. Hold it! Treasure Haul (Sonic and the Secret Rings) - Terrible Controls,
  29. Ho-Oh Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - The Charizard puppet fighter having curry at all times, doing cheap amounts of Damage, and being almost impossible to hit without the player character taking damage.
  30. Jak II Missions (with some exceptions) - Difficultly Spikes that have no checkpoints, and are super frustrating.
  31. Max Brass Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Brutal A.I for King K. Rool, became giant and increased attack power when at high damage combined with a missed opportunity for who the opponent is.
  32. M.P.I.Q (Mario Party 3) - Stupid questions, and unfair difficulty.
  33. Nigel West Dickens' Missions (Red Dead Redemption) - Infuriating and Tedious.
  34. Pauline Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Unbearable Difficulty, and makes bad combinations in execution.
  35. Phantom Thieves of Hearts Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Brutal A.I for Joker, Making an opponent appear if one of them is not KO'd, and the Female Inkling and Female Villager not being added in this spirit battle as opponents.
  36. Platinum Match (Kingdom Hearts) - Trial and Error fight with Sephiroth.
  37. Queen Metroid Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Obnoxious Difficulty with Unfair HP, and an Overboard Damage Increase for King K. Rool.
  38. Sothis Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Brutal A.I for Byleth, Sudden Final Smash being spammed, and Byleth being able to combo like crazy.
  39. Supply Lines (Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas) - Terrible RC Plane Controls, Zero's Annoying Voice, The fuel being able to run out quickly, Obnoxious Driver Enemies (especially due to Uzi's), and Irritating backtracking (if low on fuel).
  40. The Turks and Rufus Shinra Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Infuriating Difficulty combined with the Mii Brawlers and the Mii Swordfighters ganging up on the player character like crazy, and Brutal A.I for Male Robin.
  41. Tug o' War, Paddle Battle, and Pedal Power (Mario Party) - Unfun Control-Stick Rotators that would inflict horrid physical and emotion pain.
  42. Viridi Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - The Giant Kirby being annoying combined with Him a Complete pro at interrupting the player characters + refusing to permit the player character hitting the Mii Swordfighter (Viridi Costume).
  43. Wrapped In Glory (Devil May Cry 4) - Excessive Death Traps, annoying enemy troops, and Dante being frustrating as a boss.
  44. Wrong Side of the Tracks (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) - Terrible A.I from Big Smoke, The Vagos having ridiculously high health, Lazy reward, annoying obstacles, and trial and error difficulty.


  1. Atomic Fire (Mega Man 2) -
  2. Blooper (Mario Kart DS - Present) - Poorly Used against the non computer players, and appears frequently.
  3. Blue Shell (New Super Mario Bros.) - Hard to control and leads to cheap deaths unless used properly.
  4. Boo Mushroom (Super Mario Galaxy Games) - Can only be used in the dark, severely hinders movement, and attracts Boos.
  5. Charge Kick (Mega Man 5) -
  6. Coin (Super Mario Kart/Mario Kart 8:Deluxe/Mario Kart 8) - Stupid idea for an Item coming out of a Box and Useless for Offense + Defense.
  7. Deep Digger (Mega Man V) - Same problem as the Super Arm from Mega Man.
  8. Fake Item Box (Mario Kart:Double Dash/Mario Kart DS/Mario Kart Wii) - Useless for Defense and poorly-colored.
  9. Frog Suit (Super Mario Bros. 3) - Makes the player move very slowly on land.
  10. Giant's Knife (The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time) - Useless, and a waste of time.
  11. Goomba Mask (Super Mario 3D World) - Useless, and a waste of time.
  12. Heart (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!) - Doesn't protect you from everything, and Lightning will just straight up remove the barrier.
  13. Hyper Bomb (Mega Man) - Deals Zero Contact damage.
  14. Ice Wall (Mega Man & Bass) - Useless purpose for combat, and being an unorthodox weakness for Burner Man.
  15. Ice Wave (Mega Man 8) - Useless against airborne enemies, its only gimmick being explored in Sword Man's Stage, and being a Salt-to-the-wound weakness to Tengu Man.
  16. Light Box (Super Mario 3D World) - Useless and a Waste of time for the most part.
  17. Mirror Buster (Mega Man: Wily's Revenge) -
  18. Oil Slider (Mega Man Powered Up) - Dealing minimal damage, sliding board being the only way to get good damage, Mega Man and Oil Man not being immune to damage while riding the oil puddle, and being a Terribly-Executed Weakness for Elec-Man.
  19. P Balloon (Super Mario World) - Makes the player move very slowly and is infamous for its use in Tubular.
  20. Plant Barrier (Mega Man 6) -
  21. Poison Mushroom (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - Present) - Being able to actually kill the Player character if in Small size, Reduce roll turns, give chase in Super Mario Land, and Blend with the regular mushroom in its debut game.
  22. Power Stone (Mega Man 5) - Very slow movement of the Rocks, Counter-Clock-Wise usage, and being unable to do much damage.
  23. Sakugarne (Mega Man II) - Mega Man not being invulnerable, being unable to have a tendency to work on spikes, its energy being able to be used at a Quick rate, and terrible weakness for the Wily Machine
  24. Scorch Wheel (Mega Man 7) -
  25. Sentsuizan (Mega Man X6) - Awkward Button Combination, being easy to get damaged/die with this weapon, and being a bad weakness for Blaze Heatnix.
  26. Spiny Shell (Mario Kart Series) - Irritating, impossible to avoid (unless if using a super horn or not in first place), and can prone to Rubberband A.I.
  27. Spring Mushroom (Super Mario Galaxy Games) - Same as the Blue Shell but also, that the player can only ground pound enemies and bosses to defeat/Knock them out and its design when used is stupid.
  28. STa3 LMG (Killzone 2) - Poor Accuracy and zooming having no effect.
  29. Super Arm (Mega Man) - Only being able to work if close to a block.
  30. Superball Flower (Super Mario Land)‎‎ - Being only allowed to have one at a time, and being Hard to hit enemies due to them bouncing all over the place.
  31. Thunder Cloud (Mario Kart Wii) - Poor usage along with being nearly impossible to pass it once getting it.
  32. Thunder Wool (Mega Man 10) - Unreliable and Slow usage, dealing minimal damage, and being able to disintegrate after being hit being hit by an enemy once.
  33. Time Stopper (Mega Man 2) - Being unable to Switch weapons, remove hitboxes from enemies, or shoot when using it and it being a mediocre weakness for Quick Man.
  34. Top Spin (Mega Man 3) - Requiring Mid-Air + being closing to enemies, and its ammo only last 3 moves.
  35. Wave Burner (Mega Man & Bass) - Mediocre Range, and forcing Mega Man + Bass to get closer to enemies.
  36. Wild Coil (Mega Man 7) - Low Damage Input and Poor Usage.
  37. Wing Cap (Super Mario 64) - Same as the Spring Mushroom and Blue Shell power-ups.
  38. Yoshi/Birdo Egg (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!) - A Bad version of the Red Shell due to Buggy A.I, being helpful for Rivals/Opponents, and Not being travel in the same way like the Red shell.


  1. Big's Story (Sonic Adventure) - Stupid Gameplay, infuriating tasks, and Lame Final Boss fight.
  2. Cruel Mode (Super Smash Bros.) - Unfair difficulty.
  3. Episode:Shadow (Sonic Forces) - Rushed Story, Poorly-told Backstory of Infinite, 2 Lazily Pasted levels, and Re-skinned Gameplay.
  4. Timed Convoy (Test Drive Unlimited 2) - Tight Time Limits, cheap crashes, the traffic being congested, and the missions with the rain weather being almost impossible due to the lack of grip.
  5. World of Light (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) - Tedious Pacing, Mandatory Boss Rush, Most of the Mode Just consisting of Spirit Matches, having some unfair spirit battles, and having not much cutscenes or Bosses.

Playable Characters

  1. Amy Rose (Sonic R) - Poor + Dull Controls, and Slow Pacing.
  2. Anti-Sora (Kingdom Hearts II/Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) - Being unable to use heal, or use other power abilities, and of top of that being annoying and poor to use.
  3. Bayonetta (Super Smash Bros. for Wii u and 3DS) - Broken Moveset.
  4. Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter) - Poor Fighting Skills.
  5. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Sonic R) - Slow Pacing, and The missiles not being able to work unless if close to a character.
  6. Egg Robo (Sonic R) - Same problems as Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik from Sonic R.
  7. Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) - Nonsecially Cloning Captain Falcon's Moveset, Being Extremely Slow, Laggy recovery, and unable to react in time before being hit for the most part + to do a kick to the platform before recovery.
  8. Hsu-Hao (Mortal Kombat) -
  9. Kirby (Super Smash Bros. Melee) - Badly Nerfed.
  10. Kratos (Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) - Too OP.
  11. Lester the Unlikely - A coward that runs, and is infuriating to play as.
  12. Luigi (Super Smash Bros. 64) -
  13. Mael Radec (Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) - Underpowered.
  14. Mega Man X (Mega Man X7) - Being too OP.
  15. Meta Knight (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) - Extremely Overpowered.
  16. Mokap (Mortal Kombat) -
  17. Oddjob (GoldenEye 007) -
  18. Pichu (Super Smash Bros. Melee) - Underpowered especially with the Terrible Range due to Melee's mechanics overpowering it.
  19. Roll (Marvel vs. Capcom/Marvel vs. Capcom 2)
  20. Sankuro Yorozu (Samurai Shodown V and VI)
  21. Sir Daniel Fortesque (Playstation All-Stars Battle) - Underpowered.
  22. Sonic the Hedgehog (Super Smash Bros. Series) - Using a Spin-Dash for two specials, His down-A being a terrible KO move, and being annoying to fight in Ultimate.
  23. Sonic 2006 character roster (Except Blaze) - Buggy to play as (EX:Knuckles and Rouge), poorly-handled (EX:Shadow, Silver, E-123 Omega and Amy Rose), and have some odd gameplay choices (EX:Tails).
  24. Tails Doll (Sonic R) - Wonky controls, Moves kinda too fast, and hard to make stop moving.
  25. Tofu Boy (Super Meat Boy) -
  26. Yokai Kusaregedo (Samurai Shodown V and VI)
  27. Zero (Mega Man X7) - Being Nerfed very Badly.


  1. 9.0 Challenges (Super Smash Bros. 4) - Frustrating, Brutal, and Tedious to Get.
  2. Bladder of Steel (Rock Band 2) -
  3. Mr. Perfect (Mega Man 9-10) - Tedious, and Frustrating to Get.
  4. My Kung Fu Is Stronger (Mortal Kombat (2011) - Time-Consuming, Annoying, frustrating, and Tedious.
  5. Postcard (Super Mario Odyssey) - Waste of Time, Lame, and Frustrating to get.
  6. Postcard (Super Mario Sunshine) - Waste of Time, Lame, and Infuriating.
  7. World's Finest (Injustice) - Unfun, Infuriating, and Tedious.


  1. Buffalos (Far Cry 3) - Being a nightmare to kill, taking 6 hits to kill, and their horns being too powerful.
  2. Cazadores (Fallout New Vegas) - being impossible to outrun, being frustrating to sneak around, and being impossible to beat (if with a group of them).
  3. Corrupted Pawns (Dragon's Dogma) - Extremely Overpowered, brutal A.I, and annoying tactics.
  4. Hammer Bros. (2D Camera Mario Games) - Cheap placement, infuriating fight, and having the ability to give chase.
  5. Zubat (Pokémon) - Annoying Status Elements, and Excessive Appearances in caves.


  1. Car (Mario Party 9/Mario Party 10) - Stupid Idea.
  2. Critical Hits (Enemies) (Pokémon) - A
  3. Double Boost (Sonic Forces) -
  4. Drop System (Kingdom Hearts:Dream Drop Distance) -
  5. Immobilizing Status Conditions (Pokémon) - being unable to allow Pokémon players to attack in turns, being able to last for a long time + interfere with moves, and having no other ways to remove them other than berries or some potions.
  6. Random Tripping (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) - Annoying, Unfairly balanced, and Stupid.
  7. Rubberband A.I. - Allowing the CPUs to Cheat in race, Have unfair advantages and Catch up no matter how far behind they are.


  1. MissingNo. (Pokèmon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) - Breaks the entirety of the games, and is a lame Pokémon idea.


  1. Auto-Scrolling Sections - Ruin the experience and Kill the fun in gaming.
  2. Escort Missions - Poor Ally A.I, Unfair Difficulty, Boring Length, and No Checkpoints.
  3. Luck-Based Gameplay parts - Frustrating, Unfair, and Annoying.
  4. SNK Boss Syndrome - Results in Brutal A.I, and Cheap, Frustrating, and Unfun Fighting Game Bosses.
  5. Story Mode Boss Rushes (Not Boss Rushes as their own mode) - Filler Content.
  6. Underwater Missions - Too Strict Time Limit, Sluggish movements, and tedious length.


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