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Unique moves that are awesome from an otherwise mediocre game.

Synergy Attacks are special attacks performed when a certain fighter pick ups a certain assist character from a summon cube. This is a feature added in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL.

Why It Rocks

  1. The idea of a playable fighter teaming up with an assist character is a very original idea, and it’s handled well here.
  2. The team-ups are awesome, and most of them are even creative:
    • Teenage Ben Tennyson with Fred Fredburger, with Ben using Swampfire’s power to ignite Fred’s explosive gas;
    • Young Ben Tennyson with Schnitzel, with Ben using Four Arms to throw Schnitzel towards the opponent;
    • Vilgax with Coco, with Vilgax using Coco’s eggs to make his humanoid robots, who shoot lasers at the opponents;
    • Kevin Levin with Numbuh 4, with Kevin making a levitation beam with rocks and Numbuh 4 making punches and kicks while jumping through the rocks;
    • Chowder and Kimchi with Madame Foster, with Chowder eating her cookies and making him a big round ball, which Madame Foster then rolls him around;
    • Numbuh One with Major Glory, as Numbuh One fires projectiles while Major Glory flies towards enemies;
    • Father with Fuzzy Lumpkins, with Fuzzy turning people into meat while Father cooks it using his fire powers;
    • Toiletnator with Mandark, with Mandark summoning Toiletnator headed robots;
    • Blossom with Gwen Tennyson, with Gwen turning into her anodyne form and makes a powerful beam with Blossom;
    • Bubbles and Edwardo, with Bubbles riding on Edwardo while shooting lasers;
    • Buttercup with Major Glory, with Buttecup throwing him and he propels forward;
    • Mojo Jojo with the Vreedle Brothers, as Mojo hops in and uses his robot while the Vreedles shoot the people on the stage;
    • Him with General Skarr, with Him carrying Skarr in his butterfly form while Skarr drops Bombs;
    • Flapjack with Dee Dee, as both of them dance together and damage opponents who are too close to them;
    • Captain K'nuckles with Stickybeard, as Stickybeard equipped K'nuckles with cannons, fire them at opponents;
    • Billy and Mandy with Cheese, as Billy and Cheese run around screaming and damage opponents too close to them;
    • Hoss Delgado with Panini, as Hoss fires Panini's cookies at opponents;
    • Dexter with Gazpacho, as Dexter blasts Gazpacho’s pickles making them explosive;
    • Monkey with Numbuh Two, as Monkey messes up with Numbuh Two’s flying and makes him lose control, running into any opponents too close to them;
    • Johnny Bravo with Dracula, as Johnny dances with Dracula and ladies while he makes damaging flashing posses;
    • Captain Planet with Dracula, as Planet does attacks while Dracula dances;
    • Mac and Bloo with Peppermint Larry and Candy Wife, as Larry feeds Mac and Bloo candy, which causes Mac to go sugar crazy, which increase their speed, give them a set fo new (but limited) attacks, and makes them invincible;
    • Samurai Jack with Valhallen, as they make a powerful radius attack;
    • Scotsman with Numbuh Two, as Numbuh Two flies with Scotsman on the wing, shooting at opponents;
    • Aku with Valhallen, as Aku shapes into a guitar and makes strong blasts with Valhallen.
  3. Some funny moments in these team-ups, like Chowder eating Madame Foster’s cookies to become a big ball, and Mac eating Candy and going into a sugar rush.
  4. The hug of Bubbles and Edwardo was very heartwarming.
  5. This can make the battles more interesting whenever these team-ups come into place, as they mix-up the abilities of the fighters and assist characters to make big attacks.
  6. This is one of the good things to come from an otherwise mediocre game.

Bad Qualities

  1. There are some annoying and gross out moments, like Fred Fredburger farting, and Billy and Cheese screaming.
  2. Buttercup and Major Glory, while cool, is the only unoriginal team-up, since they interacted with each other in The Powerpuff Girls episode, "Members Only".



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