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I like to Thank you for finishing the pages i couldn't myself, though, please work on your grammar.

(Augustborn1996) Well sorry about that.

I hope i was not rude to you when i said that. If i was, sorry or maybe i wasn't being rude.

(Augustborn1996) No you went being rude, I was just saying.

(Buzz) wrong. I did not go to being rude. At least i said please. Also, I said "work on your grammar", because you used words like "agents" and "agent" at the wrong time where the word against was supposed to be and for your own good. Okay maybe how i executed my second sentence was poor and stupid. Though what i was meant to say is "Thank you for finishing the pages i couldn't though please work on your grammar and word choices". Just because you're different does not mean it's okay to make grammar errors or using wrong word choices. So i believe you're being kinda immature right now. It's best if you start underlining certain words like "Pokémon" and use words such as agents at the right time so the pages and page names are not poorly written.

(Augustborn1996) Well no, I am not immature, and also, I don't know how to do the é world with out happing to copy like I did now, how do I do.

Let us discuss the words you used in the wrong way and what they mean

  • Damage:Attack move.
  • Shild:Random version of the word "Child".
  • Its:Belonging to the Genderless beings and things.
  • Reviled:Criticized in an abusive way.
  • Agents:People who act on behalf of another person or group.
  • Trader:A Person who sells and Buys items.
  • Happing:Coming around by any chance

Also, it's not possible to do é when using when using a computer without underlining it then copying it.- Malormin67

(Augustbornone1996) Well ok, that works.

Here's another word you used wrongly and what actually means:

  • It's:It is. - Malormin67